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We’re finally back!

After many months of chaos and confusion, the iMacdanny Minecraft Server has returned and is fully functional once again! We would like to apologize for the extremely long down time. Unfortunately, there was a major upset in the Minecraft Server community a little while ago. All of the employees at Bukkit, the most popular Minecraft server software, decided to all …

Nick CalviWe’re finally back!
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Server Upgrade!

Hey everyone, Nick here! Some of you may have noticed on Friday that our server was down. We took it down to do some maintenance on the hard drive. I replaced the regular HDD in the server to a brand new SSD! The overall speed has significantly improved. Lag is now a thing of the past! Happy crafting, enjoy our …

Nick CalviServer Upgrade!

1.7.2 is finally here!

Hey everyone, Nick here! Bukkit has finally been updated to 1.7.2 and now the iMacdanny server is ready for action. Enjoy the update!

Nick Calvi1.7.2 is finally here!
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Colonizing America Live for Columbus Day!

Hey everyone, Nick here! I have amazing news! Colonizing America is now out! Anyone who is whitelisted in the server can now explore the Americas. It has been a long time since I originally thought of the idea back in March, so I am very excited to have it finally finished. As promised, I uploaded the trailer for the map, …

Nick CalviColonizing America Live for Columbus Day!

Pirates Invade Universal Island.

Hey everyone, Nick here! There has been some comution on the server lately. The mayor of Universal_Town was banned this week, and his town has fallen into ruin. It appears that pirates have come to take anything that was left of the town! This pirate ship is from the Americas, as it was last seen in Colonizing America. Hopefully we …

Nick CalviPirates Invade Universal Island.


Hey crafters, Nick here. The server was just updated to 1.6.4, you can stop bashing your F5 keys now. So, there’s not really any changes in this update…

Nick Calvi1.6.4

1.6.2 Is Here!

Hey miners, Nick here. I have great news! The server has just been updated to 1.6.2. Have fun riding horses and laying out carpeting!

Nick Calvi1.6.2 Is Here!

Another Update

Hey everyone, Nick here. I just wanted to let you know the server has just been updated to 1.5.2 Enjoy!

Nick CalviAnother Update

Server Update

Hey everyone, Nick here. I just wanted to let you all know that the server is now updated for 1.5!

Nick CalviServer Update

New world coming?

Hey everyone Nick here, I just wanted to give an update on the server. In the past two months many plugins have been added to our server. One plugin everyone has been talking about is Towny. Towny allows users to claim land and start a town or a nation! If you are wondering, our capital city is the Golden Apple, …

Nick CalviNew world coming?