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We’re finally back!

After many months of chaos and confusion, the iMacdanny Minecraft Server has returned and is fully functional once again! We would like to apologize for the extremely long down time. Unfortunately, there was a major upset in the Minecraft Server community a little while ago. All of the employees at Bukkit, the most popular Minecraft server software, decided to all quit on the same day. This left the Bukkit project to be abandoned. Once the next version of Minecraft was released, us server owners had no means to update, unless we wanted to lose all of our cool plugins and return to just a vanilla server.

After waiting many months I was thrilled to find out that some independent developers decided to update Bukkit themselves. Next, I had to wait to wait just a little bit more for all of the developers of the 26 plugins we use to update their software. Now that this has all happened, our server can continue to operate.

We are now running on Minecraft version 1.8.3 and have all of the original plugins we had before this mess. Everything is completely operational and we will now be running the server 24 hours a day just like in the old days!

Thank you so much for your support and patience!

Nick CalviWe’re finally back!